2024 Summer Reading

Summer reading suggestions do not intend to burden students during a time best spent with friends and family. Rather, summer reading attempts to enhance summer break, by showing students how to spend their time wisely.

Indeed, many of us are guilty of squandering precious leisure time by sleeping in too late, watching television, and playing video games. Hopefully, models such as Bilbo Baggins and Benjamin Franklin inspire our students to employ summers learning rewarding skills, practicing virtuous habits, and going on grand adventures.

Summer reading assignments for students entering grades sixth through ninth are required. Please see the reading summer guide below to locate your student’s required book to be completed and annotated prior to the first day of school. Barnes and Noble in Grand Junction will have the required books in stock for sixth through ninth grades.

Our goal for Grammar School (kindergarten through fifth grade) summer reading is optional but highly encouraged. Allow your students to choose titles in their appropriate age range from our reading list. You can read with your student or as a family. Journey together to other worlds and time travel to places long ago and far away.

The Benefits of Summer Reading

Educators and parents alike have long lamented how much students forget over summer break. Studies show that prolonged detachment from academic endeavors sets a young mind back significantly. Unfortunately, teachers must spend a considerable amount of time at the beginning of each year getting rid of the academic rust students accumulate over the summer.

A summer assignment attempts to remedy this situation. Not only does a summer assignment keep students thinking during their time away from the classroom, but it also provides their classes a springboard for the beginning of the year. When classes resume, teachers may use the first week or so to discuss the ideas and concepts students contemplated over the summer. These discussions are a great way to start the school year in history and literature. Additionally, summer assignments give students a chance to engage in independent thinking and learning, which is an incredibly valuable opportunity. Finally, schools such as ours commonly assign work over the summer, because we take our responsibility to our students and their long-term academic and moral development seriously. A summer assignment allows our students to learn at a faster pace and higher level once we return to the classroom.